Our Philosophy

Our guiding philosophy is that leadership, change and development is a learning process.  We as process facilitators seek to enhance people’s awareness, skills and information base, open up opportunities for their consideration, and trust the process by which people make choices and to assist where needed in the pursuit of these choices.

Our work style therefore, is to assist our clients to generate valid and useful information, make free and informed choices, and develop internal commitment to pursue the choices they make.

We are process facilitators, with a focus on enhancing awareness, capacity building, personal growth, organisational and team effectiveness.

Nkum Associates supports organisations, groups, executives and leaders to set clear objectives, prioritise, strategise, plan, implement and evaluate programmes and policy interventions, as well as organisational change processes that promote and build skills for self-actualisation and sustainable improvements.

One of the unique strengths of Nkum Associates is in the use of Gestalt and Dialogic organisational consulting methods, narrative therapy approaches, and other experiential-based participatory methodologies to facilitate dialogue, awareness of self and the other, change processes and adult learning in multi-cultural settings. This involves the use of here-and-now experiences, real-plays, group and narrative therapy approaches, games, case studies and audio-visuals, guided imagery, and other participatory approaches, including community theatre. The firm also uses local proverbs and adapted versions of various participatory techniques to stimulate and facilitate processes, which bring people of diverse backgrounds and interests together to openly share and arrive at consensus on issues of mutual concern.