Executive Coaching & Team-building

Nkum Associates provides services in executive coaching, team coaching, and teambuilding to enable clients to improve their personal and team effectiveness. We support leaders and executives to draw their unique map of where they are in their present leadership competence, identify where their leadership potential is, and help them to plot their developmental journey along the path of their unique leadership potentials. This way executives and leaders are enabled to discover clearly what is possible for them to achieve, and how they can continue to build on their current skills and competencies as they continually replace them with new ones.

Our Approach

Through carefully tailored interventions, we support executives and teams to become more aware of their individual and collective presence, and how they use themselves to enhance or hinder progress towards achieving what they want. We support clarity on what the individual or team wants, and what they need, within the context of their lives and operations in ways that enable them to enrich their self-appreciation of supportive and hindering processes and patterns of behaviours; thereby, creating a natural shift towards change and better performance.

Our Approach

We anchor our executive and team coaching processes in the teaching and modeling of key GestaltOD theoretical and conceptual frameworks, such as Presence and Use of Self, Paradoxical Theory of Change, Cycle of Experience, Contact, Resistance and Closure.  The central focus is to enable leaders, executives, and teams to broaden their repertoire of engagement styles or orientations through enhanced awareness.

  • Enhanced Awareness
  • Presence and Use of Self
  • Dealing with Unfinished Business
  • Embracing holism and multiple realities
  • Appreciating context and systems perspectives