Our Model/Approach: Gestalt Cycle of Experience

Nkum Associates uses the Gestalt organization consulting methods and other experiential-based participatory methodologies to facilitate dialogue, self-awareness, change processes and adult learning in multi-cultural settings.

Collaborating to Achieve Success

Nkum Associates acts as a facilitator of change processes, workshops, seminars, and group processes and also a trainer in the Logical Framework Analysis methodology as well as in participatory project cycle management. The firm works jointly with project managers, rural and urban associations, NGOs, CBOs, consultants, administrators and leaders of civil society groups to promote cross-sectoral, multi-disciplinary analysis and planning of development interventions in multi-cultural settings.

  1. Paying attention to client needs
  2. Active listening and sharing
  3. Assessment of current business requirements
  4. Identifying Key stakeholders
  5. Developing a shared understanding of desired future
  6. Identify a change agenda
  1. Mobilizing energy for action
  2. Use of participatory methodologies to facilitate dialogue, self-awareness, change processes, and adult learning
  3. Use of here and now experience, group therapy, games, and audio-visuals as part of the learning process
  4. Understanding of organizational culture and barriers to change
  1. Assessment of current resources, and utilization for desired development
  2. Building capacity for an organization through training, coaching, group therapy, and exercises
  3. Impacting change at an individual, group/team and organizational level
  1. Identify success indicators
  2. Implement action and change initiative
  3. Discover individual, team and organizational contributors and leverage them
  4. Build an implementation strategy for continued success