Organisation & Leadership Development

Nkum Associates has over 25 years of international experience in providing consulting and process facilitation services in the field of organisation and leadership development. Our experience covers corporate, public and non-profit organisations, and includes whole-system change processes and the design and delivery of leadership development programmes.

Our Approach

We are GestaltOD practitioners, who use the gestalt approach to organisational consulting, along with dialogical and relational OD and action research to enable systems become more awareness of their life and business processes, and to support the necessary shifts they choose to make towards enhancing their personal, leadership and organisational effectiveness.

We deploy and teach clients scalable models that support change and improved effectiveness at all levels of system – individuals, dyads, teams, organisations, community and larger levels of systems – from a holistic and systems perspective.

At Nkum Associates we believe that multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion and social justice are organic aspects of organisational culture.  So we practice, teach and model this in our work.

Collaborating to Achieve Success

Nkum Associates functions as a process facilitator enabling client systems to undertake self and organisational assessments, design change agenda in response to internal and external realities, implement change processes, and review success and challenges as learning and capacity building initiatives.  We believe and practice in ways that ensure that the locus of control in all change processes resides with the client system. Our role is to function as awareness agents, supporting systems to clarify what they want, and how they seek to go about to fulfill their needs at all levels of the system from a holistic and systems perspective.

Client Centered Approaches

  • 1. Experiential Learning

  • 2. Participatory Action Research

  • 3. Dialogical and Relational Stance

  • 4. Presence and Use of Self

  • 5. Active experimentation

  • Supporting clients to clarify their needs
  • Participant observation and pattern recognition
  • Awareness creation
  • Completing units of work
  • Facilitating healthy closure and learning
  • Dealing with unfinished business