Strategic Thinking & Strategy Development

Nkum Associates has over 25 years of international experience in supporting organisations through strategic thinking and strategic planning in the public, corporate and non-profit sectors. Through the use of participatory action research, Nkum Associates enables clients to scan their internal and external contexts within the framework of complex adaptive systems to distill relevant understanding on how their current business models respond to the emerging market realities. This enables the clients to determine and evaluate change scenarios that would ensure sustainability and growth into the future. An informed choice of growth scenario is then made that leads into the development of clear and fundable strategy that is agile and adaptive.

Our Approach

The starting point for effective strategy development is a shared appreciation among key stakeholders of the current and emerging realities facing the organisation or business. We are strong on ensuring a strategic thinking process that leads to a shared appreciation of the common ground as well as the differences among stakeholders in an organisation in ways that generate energy for a collaborative change process.  This includes the generation and analysis of field-based and evidence-driven scenarios leading to strategic choices that embrace agility and sustainability. The organisational strategy could then be developed based on its unique selling proposition to include vibrant and reliable resource mobilisation and human capital enrichment approaches that respond to emergence in the organisation’s operating environment. By embracing agility, we enable organisations to develop fast and effective learning cycles and knowledge management systems that maintain their leadership ahead of the competition.

Promoting Agility and Embracing Emergence

The current and emerging business and organisational environments are described as volatile, uncertain, complex, and adaptive (VUCA). In such a context, organisational strategy needs to be developed from the perspective of complex adaptive systems to promote agility, resilience, and a capacity to embrace emergence.

Strategy should enable self-renewal, innovation and adaptive management in response to emergence in the operating environment. These are the key ingredients on strategies that Nkum Associates facilitates, enabling the setting of measurable and attainable goals and indicators of success, as well as learning and knowledge management mechanisms that promote innovation and creative adaptation to emerging realities.

  • Context and SWOT Analysis
  • Scenario development and analysis
  • Goal setting and determination of indicators of success and impact
  • Contingency plan and response mechanisms
  • M&E, Learning and Knowledge Management mechanisms
  • Adaptive results-based implementation management processes