Training & Capacity Building

Nkum Associates offers training and capacity building in organisation and leadership development, change management, process facilitation techniques, strategic planning and project cycle management, including monitoring, evaluation, and organisational learning.

Our Approach

Nkum Associates is well known internationally for its participatory, adult learning and experiential learning approaches that are anchored in the appreciative inquiry methodology and dialogical OD stance. These approaches foster personal mastery and self-disclosure, enabling adults to manage the ever-present tension between performance and learning.  We use real-life situations of programme participants in carefully orchestrated real-play, case consultations, and clinics to enable them ground their theoretical and conceptual appreciations into real-time practice.

Our Guiding Principles in Training

A number of adult learning and collaborative learning conceptual frameworks underpin our training and learning programmes.  These include David Kolb’s experiential learning approach (Learning Style Inventory or LSI), appreciative inquiry, collaborative learning methodologies, and other positive psychology frameworks. Adult learning results in behaviour change through real encounter at the contact boundary between self and others.

For us in Nkum Associates, learning manifests in behaviour change. We are aware that deep adult learning is usually accompanied by some emotional encounters at the contact boundary between self and the other, resulting in renewed awareness and shifts from the status quo.

We firmly believe that “growth and comfort do not co-exist.”